How to Personalise a Funeral Service for a Loved One

A funeral involves a lot more than just saying goodbye to the departed soul; it represents a chance to celebrate the life of the deceased. Nowadays, a funeral can be as distinctive as the person who is being honoured. Basically, the family members can choose to make the funeral give a reflection of various aspects of the individual's life and character. Here are 3 crucial questions you can think about when deciding the best way to personalize a funeral service for a loved one.

What did the individual like to do?

Often individuals have hobbies that are more than simply a casual pastime activity. Such hobbies could have been making the individual live life to the fullest. Therefore, why not display that special part of their life during the memorial service? Integrating a hobby may be as simple as:

  • Showcasing items or things used for their hobby such as sports gear, art collections or gardening tools.
  • Personalising the coffin with a symbol of their favourite hobby or sport.
  • Showcasing trophies or awards they achieved.
  • Designing a picture board showcasing photos of them taking part in their hobby.
  • Speaking fondly about the person's appreciation or passion for the hobby.

What was the individual's career or profession?

A lot of people take much pride in their profession. Probably they committed a lifetime to a career that became more than simply a job. If this applies to your loved one, it may be prudent to incorporate their professional life as part of the funeral service. Here is an example of how you can include a career into a memorial service.

For a professor or lecturer:

  • Organize a band or choir from the school or institution perform during the funeral service
  • Have students write poems or essays on the life of the person, which may be displayed.
  • Invite a former student or one of the employees to speak at the memorial.

Was the individual spiritual?

Either through particular religion or personal faith, many people possess a sense of spirituality in their lives. Normally, such spiritual values and beliefs form the foundation of who the individual was in life. Thus, it may be crucial to include the person's sense of spirituality into their memorial service through the following ways:

  • Have the funeral service hosted at the individual's parish or religious facility
  • Have somebody read excerpts from the individual's religion publication, for example Bible or Koran.
  • Play sacred music from the individual's religion during the funeral service.