Grieving? Here's a helping hand when you lose a spouse

No one is ever prepared when death comes knocking on their door, and the loss of a spouse is often a harsh and traumatic experience. With the thoughts of never seeing the deceased ever again, organising the funeral, and post-funeral obligations are often too much to deal with single-handedly.

You certainly need a helping hand at such a difficult time, which is the reason you need a funeral director. Here are a few things funeral directors can help you with and how they can make things manageable for you when you lose a spouse:

Pre-funeral arrangements

A funeral director will cater for the removal of the deceased's body from the place where the death occurred and transfer the body to a funeral home. This is especially helpful when the death occurs away from a medical facility. Taking over the task to move the body of the deceased relieves you from the traumatic experience of going to the place of death yourself if you do not have the emotional strength to see the deceased at that time.

Once the body has been taken to a funeral home, the funeral director ensures the professional care for the body in a funeral home that they deem fit or one that you have selected. Such services include washing of the deceased, dressing, embalming, and casketing to ensure that your beloved spouse is ready for viewing.

Acquisition of important documents

At times, following up with certification and documentation for things such as property administration may be quite difficult. A funeral director can help you know when to get burial permits, property certificates, authorisations, and permits regarding the funeral and property of the deceased. In addition, they can also advise you when looking for these documents to ensure that you do it right and minimise problems in the future.

Grief counselling

Your spouse's demise is emotionally demanding and you need time to recover. For instance, if you are a young family with very young kids, then the death of your spouse robs you of all the dreams and plans you had for the future. Therefore, it may be harder for a younger spouse to deal with such a death, unlike an old couple with elderly children.

To get through this, counselling services can help you to accept the death of your spouse gradually and reduce the risks of becoming depressed. On the other hand, your children will also be going through an equally difficult time. Funeral directors often offer counselling separately for you and your children, while specialised services also accommodate all the members of the family. This will help you recover. 

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