Headstone Designs for Family Burial Sites

If you are trying to design a headstone for your family burial site, you may find the task difficult. This is especially true if you have limited space for larger headstones. There are several design options still available to you. Here are a few of the designs you can use for family burial sites that can utilize unused space or can be placed in smaller spaces to allow for more burial plots.

Memorial Plaques

One of the leading options that many people are now using as a headstone design for family burial plots and family burial sites is to use a memorial plaque stone. This type of memorial plaque serves as one stone for everyone buried in the family plot. These memorial plaques are etched with various designs depending on what the family wants. For example, you can have a coat of arms for your family or you can simply have scrollwork with your family's last name. On the front of the plaque are bronze or similar metal engraved plaques that have the person's name as well as their birth and death date.

Military Service Memorial

An option that you can choose for someone in your family who has served in the military is a military service memorial stone. This can be the headstone or it can serve as a separate memorial stone. These stones can be etched with the branch of the military that your loved one served in. They can also be etched with various military logos, symbols, and statements. These are an ideal choice if you have several family members who served in a particular branch or if you are honouring the death of a loved one who passed away during military service. 

Faith-Based Designs

You may have the need for a specific faith-based design on the headstone. For example, you may have a member of the family who was Jewish and a Star of David or Hebrew symbol is requested by that family member. You may also have a family member who practices a different faith such as a pagan faith or a Wiccan faith. These particular faiths may have various symbols that are used to honour both your loved one and the faith they chose. 

These are just a few of the headstone designs you can choose for your family burial plots and burial sites. If you have specific needs, contact your local headstone artisan. They can discuss options with you and show you engraved stones to give you an idea of how the engraving you choose may look. They can also discuss pricing and other issues you may have with your particular headstone design.

For more information, contact a headstone design service.