Managing Grief When Arranging a Funeral

Losing a loved one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to funeral arranging, you may sometimes feel emotionally exhausted by the process. At the same time, you may feel as though a funeral is necessary in order to gain closure. Here are some ways you can manage your grief while making the necessary arrangements.

Experience Your Emotions

It may feel tempting to push your emotions to one side and soldier on as normal. Similarly, in the process of arranging a funeral, you may unexpectedly feel positive emotions and you begin planning to celebrate your loved one's life. Some people associate those happier emotions with guilt, which can make the planning process feel more tiring. Rather than questioning your emotions or pushing them to one side, sit with them and feel them. It's normal for your feelings to fluctuate, and by not brushing them aside, your experience should become easier.

Be Patient With Yourself

The grieving process can feel emotionally exhausting. When you add funeral arranging on top of that, your energy levels may feel very low. Try not to push yourself to achieve everything you would have achieved before your loved one passed away. If you need more sleep or an adjustment to your usual routine, pay attention to your body and do what you can to rest more. You should also try supporting your body by staying well hydrated and balancing your nutrition.

Seek Extra Support

Depending on the circumstances that surrounded your loved one's death, you may find that concentrating is difficult. Because of this, you may find that you'll need someone to attend necessary appointments with you, for example, when you go to discuss plans with a funeral director or a religious person involved in the ceremony. Having another person attend these meetings with you means you have another set of ears to listen out for key information. If you forget anything later, you can turn to that person for the information you need. 

Explore Your Loved One's Wishes

While funeral arranging can sometimes feel melancholy, it's also an amazing opportunity to explore your loved one's wishes. If they left express wishes for their celebration of life, following them can feel as though you're honouring their memory. Or if they didn't have a chance to, you can reflect on what they may have wanted and discuss potential wishes with others who were close to them. Following their wishes while arranging a funeral can bring a tremendous sense of closure and help you feel at peace with their passing.

For more information, reach out to a local funeral arranging service.