A Guide On Planning Asian Funerals

Planning and executing an Asian funeral is no easy feat. In most cases, you might not know how to plan the event. However, should you find yourself in this situation, the excerpt below will prove valuable. 

Understand The Deceased's Wishes

Most cultures respect the deceased's wishes when planning a funeral. Therefore, you should check whether the departed had a will or had informed friends and family members about their final wishes. For example, it could be they preferred to be buried within a certain period. You should also assess whether the deceased had made arrangements on how to finance the funeral. For instance, maybe they had a pre-planned funeral policy. Alternatively, they could have left money to a close family member to fund their funeral. 

Respect Traditions

It is always wise to incorporate the deceased's culture when planning the funeral. For example, in some cultures, the bereaved visit the deceased to keep them company and pay their last respects before the funeral. In other cultures, you are required to send formal invites to friends and family who were close to the deceased. Moreover, you could be required to hold wakes or observe a specific dress code. 

Funeral rites are an essential component of most cultures. For example, some communities clean the body with substances such as ghee or honey. They may also burn incense in their homes or close to the deceased. Some cultures will dress the departed in specific clothing. Besides, they may have a prescribed burial method such as preferring either a ground burial or cremation. 

Check The Family Wishes

Family wishes are an essential aspect of the funeral planning process. The general rule is that the family wishes should not supersede those of the deceased. Sometimes, the family could prefer a public wake followed by a private funeral. It is especially so if the deceased was a public figure. In other cases, family members could opt to bury the body in a specific plot or use the deceased ashes to create jewellery.

Consider Hiring A Funeral Director

Planning the funeral can be overwhelming. Therefore, you could consider a funeral director's services to ease the planning process. When hiring the director, conduct background research to determine if they have planned an Asian funeral in the past. If they have not, assess their willingness to learn and respect the deceased's culture and beliefs as they plan the funeral. Finally, check the director's range of services, terms, and pricing. 

For more information on Asian funerals, contact a funeral home in your area.